Medical Practices with EHRs Financially Out-Perform Practices with Paper Medical Records

According to a new survey conducted by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), medical groups with EHR systems financially outperform medical groups still using paper medical records.  In its report entitled “Electronic Health Records Impacts on Revenue, Costs, and Staffing:  2010 Report Based on 2009 Data,” MGMA found that the total revenue of an average medical practice using and EHR was $49,916 greater than a typical practice not using an EHR.  The study did find that web based electronic health records users incurred greater expenses, but it also showed that the median revenue per full-time physician was $178,907 more for these practices than for non-EHR practices.

“The potential of improved financial performance should be an encouragement for many organizations to purchase and use an EHR.  Physicians adopting these technologies may also earn up to $44,000 in Medicare EHR incentives funded through the HITECH Act,” said William F. Jessee, MD, FACMPE, president and CEO of MGMA.

The MGMA report indicated that the first year after EHR installation is the most costly, but after that medical records and transcription staff costs decrease significantly.   IT staff increases very slightly, while medical records staff decreases by almost 45%.