MTBC’s Automated Appointment Reminder Calls Significantly Decrease No-Show Rates

A recent study conducted at Johns Hopkins University concluded that the average show rates for healthcare practices are 58%, meaning that average no-show rates are a staggering 42%.  In fact, the most common reason for a missed appointment was a simple “I forgot.” An average practice loses an estimated $2,400/month* because of “I forgot.”

Many healthcare practices have a very high traffic volume of patients, requiring office staff to manually place phone calls to all of these patients to remind them of their appointments. Consequently, many staff hours are spent on this simple, menial and mundane task.  Not only does this greatly add to any practice’s administrative costs, it also prevents office staff from being thorough, both in placing the reminder calls and in other daily tasks as well.

The simplest solution to this recurring problem is automated appointment reminder calls.  Not only does MTBC’s automated appointment reminder call service help to avoid the pitfalls of manual appointment reminder calls, but it also overcomes the drawbacks of similar services offered by many other third parties.

The service simply works off of the practice’s patient database, so there is no chance of any patient not receiving a call.  MTBC’s automated appointment reminder calls also free up the healthcare practice’s office staff significantly. Instead of spending hours manually calling each and every patient, office staff can spend time on other more pressing tasks. The reduction in work also means that the practice will save money on administrative costs.  MTBC’s automated appointment reminder calls have been shown to reduce a practice’s no-shows by up to 25%. That means that the practice’s show rate increases from 58% to nearly 70%. MTBC clients who have signed on for this service are now saving up to $9,000/month (depending on the size of the practice), just by this increase in show rates.

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*This number may vary depending on the size of the practice.