Free Billing Software is Launched by MTBC

Those that are responsible for billing medical claims understand the complexities of the business. Most medical billing online is submitted to insurance companies and the government via billing software; these medical billers may or may not be paid, based on a number of criteria. Medical billing online can be difficult to manage and even more difficult to understand.

MTBC can help. Our free, web-based billing platform, Billing Pro, has a number of key features that makes it easy for patients, medical practices and office managers, insurance companies and claim adjudicators alike.

MTBC’s Billing Pro offers a number of key features that medical practices need to efficiently run their practice, including:

  • Online Medical Appointment Scheduling and Patient Management Software– patients can learn detailed balance information, with an integrated cash register and insurance eligibility verification
  • Key Financial Reports — Billing Pro is comprehensive practice management software. Financially, practices quickly understand:
    • Total charges, payments, current and past A/R, and daily reports;
    • Breakout by provider, location, for any timeframe;
    • ERA reports by payer, check dates, or dates of service
  • Practice Management Analysis Reports — Practices can look at their business in terms of:
    • Payer mix analysis for payment to charge ratios
    • Payment histories of specific CPTs
    • Most used procedure and diagnosis codes
  • Pending Transaction List — Get notification of bouncing of claims based on MTBC’s rules engine and simple steps for claim resubmission by MTBC
  • Secure Support Center — You can have HIPAA-compliant, direct communication with your MTBC medical billing support team
  • Collection Agency Connectivity — MTBC has a direct partnership with NCO Group, the largest collection agency in the country. We can help you easily manage dormant or unpaid patient balances.

Billing Pro can help practices manage their billing practices better.