MTBC Offers Meaningful Use Coaches to Guide You to Your Bonus

Under the HITECH Act, the government is offering incentive bonuses of up to $44,000 to healthcare providers who “meaningfully use” EHR technology.  They have gone to great lengths to define the concept of “meaningful use” and have created numerous requirements for physicians to meet in order to be considered “meaningful users”.

MTBC Meaningful Use 2

However, for the average provider, keeping up with these constantly changing legislative rules can be incredibly time consuming and even distracting from providing actual healthcare.  As such, MTBC has decided to offer “meaningful use” coaches to users of its web based EHR software in order to guide healthcare providers to earning the government bonus to which they are entitled.  What’s more, users of MTBC EMR 5.0 will be assigned “meaningful use” coaches completely for free.

As the reporting period for “meaningful use” has already begun, eligible providers who wish to receive the maximum amount of bonuses that they are entitled to must attest to their examples of “meaningful use” right away.  Let MTBC get you your bonus.  Sign up today and receive the “meaningful use” guidance that you need.

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