MTBC’s PHR Gives Patients Unprecedented Access to Their Personal Health Information

One of the newest features offered by MTBC as part of its 5% billing and practice management solution is MTBC PHR (Personal Health Records).  PHR allows patients to access to their past and current health information directly from their physician’s website.  With PHR, patients can record, track and even store their important health information in one secure online location.

PHR gives patients the ability to view and manage demographic information, appointment history, health history, payment reports, outstanding balances, claims history and lab reports—24/7 from any Internet-ready computer.  The personal health records available to the patient through PHR include information about assessments, medications, allergies, immunizations and procedures.  When accessing lab reports, patients can even view comments that the doctor may want to include in regard to the patient’s test results.

PHR also features an online scheduling tool that allows patients to schedule their appointments directly through the website, saving your staff the time and hassle of scheduling appointments over the phone.

Patients can also communicate with the doctor through the patient-doctor communication module, and even have the ability to pay their outstanding balances.

To learn more about PHR or any of the other “value added services” included in MTBC’s 5% plan at no additional charge, please call us at (866) 266-MTBC (6822) or send an email to