An Upgrade Patch for MTBC EHR 5.0 is Released by MTBC

An Upgrade Patch for MTBC EHR 5.0 is Released by MTBC

MTBC is pleased to announce that it has released a software upgrade patch for its EHR, MTBC EHR 5.0. This upgrade patch dramatically simplifies numerous processes, including writing e-prescriptions, reviewing patient alerts and managing incoming lab results. MTBC has also fully integrated its rule-based system for claims scrubbing so users can instantly correct claims prior to submission.

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The new patch offers many new major features, meaningful use requirement updates, and routine bug fixes. Some of the new major features include a lab manager, which integrates a dashboard of all incoming lab results. Another major feature is the rule-based system, which uses thousands of rules to analyze claims prior to submission, checking claims against payer, coding and demographic edits. Users can now review medications and send new prescriptions without opening a patient’s chart. However, if a user does open a patient chart, they can quickly see any alerts associated with the patient’s medical history. Lastly, patients can now request refills of their medications directly through their Personal Health Record accounts.

In addition to the new major features, the new patch upgrade includes updates for help with achieving meaningful use. MTBC EHR 5.0 now has an updated report to help users determine if meaningful use requirements have been met. Also, there are embedded videos that show exactly how to achieve meaningful use through MTBC EHR 5.0.

Some of the routine bug fixes include an improved medication entry, the ability to attach any file type, one-click access to patient charts, improved transcription management, allergy selection and search, improved filtering for Dynamic Reports, the ability to create template categories, the ability to search for pharmacies by phone numbers, added customizable messages to the bottom of a practice’s receipts, added ability for users to configure their own appointment statuses, and so much more.

To learn more, view a list of all that was added to MTBC EHR 5.0 with this new upgrade patch.