MTBC’s E-Prescribing Application Approved by Apple® for the Apple® App Store

Representing its technology strength, MTBC’s e-prescribing application recently has been approved by Apple® for sale in the Apple® App Store. MTBC’s e-prescribing app allows physicians to send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically, directly from their Apple® iPhone™, iPad™ or iTouch™ devices.

The ability to e-prescribe is one of the key action items in the U.S. government’s plan to facilitate the adoption of electronic medical records software and create a national electronic healthcare information infrastructure throughout the nation. Providers who effectively e-prescribe using a qualified system like MTBC’s can earn a 2% incentive payment on their Medicare collections for 2010.

The approval of MTBC’s e-prescribing application for the Apple® App Store is the result of the company’s ongoing commitment to provide innovative, affordable technology solutions to healthcare providers and practices across the nation. The e-prescribing application is just one of the many new technologies developed by MTBC to meet the ever-changing needs of its growing client base. The company is continually striving to make its end-to-end billing, practice management and EHR solutions even more efficient and affordable for healthcare professionals.