MTBC’s Highly Anticipated OB/GYN EMR

With the latest trends in medicine, OB/GYN care has become safer and more successful. Medical professionals are dedicated to providing up-to-date care for both pregnant and non-pregnant patients. OB/GYNs provide preventive care to women and have specific expertise in pregnancy, childbirth, and disorders of the reproductive systems.

MTBC’s specialized EHR changes the face of care giving for OB/GYNs. With its OB/GYN-specific templates, annotatable images of the female anatomy, and full integration with our practice management system and tools, MTBC’s OB/GYN EHR helps OB/GYNs streamline their practice’s operations and clinical charting processes while improving their bottom line.

MTBC’s OB/GYN EHR has a number of features, including customized OB/GYN templates, specialized diagnosis and treatment templates, OB/GYN-specific vocabulary, and customized treatment summaries.

Latest CMS data indicates that over 80 percent of OB/GYNs have yet to attest to Meaningfully Using a certified EHR, leaving significant federal stimulus dollars uncollected. MTBC’s OB/GYN EHR not only helps OB/GYNs easily achieve Meaningful Use and receive their stimulus funds. MTBC also provide Meaningful Use Coaching to its clients, its knowledgeable coaches and technology is helping providers throughout the country meaningfully use MTBC’s EMR and earn bonuses. MTBC’s EHR is also part of a one-of-a-kind, fully integrated OB/GYN-specific practice management suite of services.

MTBC’s OB/GYN EHR is one of many specialized web based electronic health records offered by MTBC. The company currently also offers a Podiatry-specific EHR and Practice Management suite. Over the coming months, MTBC plans to release a number of specialized EHR applications and solutions for specific specialties, including pediatrics, psychiatry and rheumatology.

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