Networking Solution to Link Healthcare Providers

A physician’s social network has been launched by Doximity, a new health technology company, which can connect healthcare providers via their iPhones, Android devices or computers and enable them to work together in order to provide better healthcare to patients.

Aimed at alleviating the communication barriers between healthcare providers, which are the base causes of 65% of serious medical errors, Doximity is the first online community of doctors that will provide a location to engage in fast, secure and HIPAA-compliant communications.  Established in October, Doximity now has more than 7,000 U.S. physicians as members.

Doximity allows member physicians to:

  • Search fax, phone number, insurance info, clinical interests, and other related information for over 567,000 U.S. physicians
  • Send HIPAA compliant messages to fellow physicians, all of whom are verified through a multi-step credential check
  • Connect with former classmates and residents
  • Access phone numbers for 24-hour pharmacies, hospitals and labs

Doximity is even capable of extracting data from the National Provider Identifier, Medicare, and HHS databases in order to provide the most up-to-date and accurate practice information in its national directory.