OB/GYN EHR: Another Remarkable Achievement

Today’s science and technology developments have changed the process of examining a patient. The arrival of the OB/GYN EHR has made enormous differences to the efficiency of OB/GYN practices. This software illustrates many benefits of electronic health records.

Obstetrics is the medical practice for pregnant women and Gynecology is the medical practice of diagnosing problems with the female reproductive system. An OB/ GYN’s job is to screen for certain diseases including cancers of the breasts, cervix, uterus, and vagina and surrounding area. Another important part of an OB/GYN’s job is to diagnose and treat female reproductive health issues that include sexually transmitted diseases, menstrual issues, diseases of the breasts, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries, as well as fertility problems, and premenstrual syndrome and menopause related issues.

Like other practices, OB/GYNs are supposed to have EHR as mandated by the U.S. government that “every physician should move to Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software by 2015”. Therefore it is essential for OB/GYNs to switch to EHR software (offered by many companies across the U.S). EMR for OB/GYNs assist OB/GYN Practitioners in improving the quality of care being provided as well as assisting the OB/GYN in building solid relationships with patients.

After launching the General EHR and Podiatry EHR, MTBC has now launched MTBC’s “OB/GYN EHR”. To create the OB/GYN EHR, MTBC consulted a group of leading OB/GYNs from practices of all sizes. The group helped the company design an EHR to specifically fit the needs of OB/GYN specialists. Because the needs of OB/GYN practices differ from those of other specialties, the detailed features of MTBC’s OB/GYN EHR software are designed to help raise the quality of treatment as well as increase efficiency and revenue.

MTBC’s OB/GYN EHR Features:

  • Obstetric & Gynecological and Menstrual  History
  • Antenatal Visit History & automatically calculates initial E.D.D and revises as appropriate
  • STD Studies
  • Non Stress Tests
  • RH Antibodies
  • Breast Exam (allows you to record your observations using images and automatically generates notes.)
  • Pelvic Exam
  • Imaging Template (allows you to save all kinds of images of ultrasounds, X-rays, mammograms and sonograms

Along with the above features, OB/GYNs can also have the benefits of customized OB/GYN templates that feature easy-to-use and easy to document pictures for documenting HPIs, causes and treatments. Breast and pelvic exam templates are specialized and modified so physicians can best meet the needs of their patients. Practitioners can also have specialized diagnosis and treatment templates.

The customized templates, HPIs and associated treatments of MTBC’s OB/GYN EHR make it possible for every OB/GYN to be documenting charts and submitting claims with efficiency. MTBC’s EMR meets the specific needs of OB/GYNs everywhere.