Health Care Firms Differ In Terms Of ICD 10 Readiness

Majority of the healthcare organizations are willing to conduct ICD testing before the October 2015 compliance date, but many of the smaller health care organizations are struggling, as per the latest reports from Health Data Management reports. ICD 10 Background Health care organizations in US are working hard for the transition from ICD 9 to

Delay In ICD 10 Coding Transition Causing Concern To Healthcare Providers

As per the recent reports, the official date for ICD 10 coding transition has been postponed to one year i.e. until October 1, 2015. Although this has come as a relief for most healthcare organizations that were still not ready for moving onto the latest ICD coding sets, some physicians have however expressed their disapproval.

Defense Department To Work With Veteran Affairs Department To Modernize EMR

The talk between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Defence Department to modernize EMR programs is in progress. The goal of the discussions, as it has been reported, is to see in what way the interoperability of healthcare information can be improved. It is reported that both departments have agreed upon the idea of

CMS Services Emphasize On ICD 10 Transition

As per reports stated by sources close to the healthcare sector, important information on ICD 10 preparation was provided by the CMS speakers at a recently concluded meeting. The speakers covered a variety of topics to help the healthcare organizations adopt the ICD 10 transition policies easily. Many organizations are still in the process of

CMS Introduces New Approach For ACOs

Recently, the Centers for Medical and Medicaid services, also known as CMS, announced the availability of a new approach for accountable Care Organizations that are involved in the Medicare Shared Savings Program. This will definitely help the medical billing solutions who are looking to improve their facilities. The advantage of such ACOs is that they

Checklist for Healthcare Organizations to make ICD 10 Transition

With WHO’s insistence on healthcare institutions to make a transition from IDC 9 to ICD 10, popular healthcare organizations in USA have started organizing ICD 10 preparation programs for their employees. Interestingly, a group of experts in Baltimore has drafted out a checklist for urology practitioners to review before moving to the new coding system.

Body Of Healthcare Providers Urges Gov To Speed Up ICD 10 Implementation

In a recent development, a collective body of healthcare providers in USA sent a request to the leaders of the United States Senates and House of Representatives to speed up the implementation of ICD 10. It observed that the delay in making an ICD 10 Transition is causing negative impacts on the healthcare system in

Benefits Of Using An EMR Software

EMR software is the new deal for medical industry professionals. Allowing the computerized documentation of medical records, they help tremendously by saving time and resources while handling patients. This easily justifies the cost that facilities would bear for implementing an EMR. A web based EMR is another option, but this is significantly low on the

Annual Result For ACOs Highlights Mixed Results For Shared Savings

As per reliable sources close to healthcare sector, the Centre for Medicare and Medicaid services has released the annual result for ACOs or accountable care organizations in the Medicare’s Shared Savings program. This is the second ACO model and this program works along the same lines to the Pioneer program and medical billing and coding

AHRQ Grant For UNMC For Research On EHR Integration

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quantity (AHRQ) has sanctioned a grant of $2.5 million to the UNMC (University of Nebraska Medical Centre) to improve its capabilities on integrating medical research with informatics. It is believed that the grant will help the UNMC to modernize its facilities and improve its skills for ensuring better medical