Podiatry EHR: An EHR that will Work for You

Podiatry is the field of medicine that involves study and diagnoses of foot, ankle and lower leg disorders. The person who specializes in podiatry is called a podiatrist or a doctor of podiatric practice. Within podiatry, there are many other specializations such as surgery, geriatrics, biomechanics and others.

Podiatry is practiced as a specialty in many countries. It is considered as one of the highest paid specialties in health sector. Like other practices, podiatrists in USA are also supposed to have Electronic Health Records software by 2015. US Government is giving incentives to encourage adoption of specialized EHRs. Therefore, adapting the podiatry EHR will enable a podiatry practice to become HIPPA/HITECH compliant.

The podiatric procedures are complex and may result in errors in treatment and processing payments. This exerts negative impact both on profitability and reliability of practice. A podiatry specific EHR caters to the unique needs of podiatrists and helps in better workflow management.

An EHR for podiatry has some essential features such as customized podiatry templates, multiple graphical views of foot, ankle and lower limb, nail evaluation, online patient portal, reports and analysis etc. Podiatry EHR allows podiatrists to efficiently handle all the billing and claims. It leaves them free to concentrate on treatment and improve overall quality of their services.

There are many companies which are offering web based EHRs but there are very few health care IT companies which offer podiatric-specific EHR. One such specialized EHR for podiatry is also being launched by Medical Transcription and Billing Company (MTBC) this March, which is already serving practices with its general EHR. The podiatry specialty EHR is being developed in close consultation with doctors. It offers very detailed features that will help podiatrists in giving better treatment, thereby increasing efficiency and revenues. The best part of this podiatry specialty EHR is detailed illustrations using which podiatrists can select and mention the specific area which requires treatment. Moreover, the podiatry specific EHR by MTBC also accompanies Value Added Services without any extra charges. This will help podiatrists to streamline their workflow and ensure better treatment of their patients.