Preventive care and the Affordable Care Act: A Doctor’s Dream?

The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor way” may be losing its appeal as more Americans take advantage of the Affordable Care Act’s coverage for preventive medicine. The Affordable Care Act, extends coverage to private health insurance plan members for preventive care visits such as flu shots and other immunizations, screenings for cancers, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and depression. The focus on prevention is one of the major goals of the Affordable Care Act because the assumption is that a large portion of illnesses are preventable and the cost associated with treating late stage diseases could have been prevented with earlier detection.

The new focus on prevention appears to be good news for primary care physicians everywhere. They are able to see their patients more often and keep the channels of care open to prevent serious illness developing with their patients. Additionally, doctors can take advantage of technology solutions, such as MTBC’s CareConnector, that alert the doctor when a patient is due for a preventive care visit. With both doctors and patients able to take advantage of the new coverage extended by the Affordable Care Act, there is no excuse to miss a visit. Put down that apple!

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