Proactive Patients Seeking Healthcare Information Prefer Surfing the Web Over Turning Pages in a Book

A new study, from the University of California, Davis shows that patients prefer using the internet to obtain healthcare information over asking friends or using reference books. This study, based on a survey of over 500 people, magnified the desire of patients to be proactive in managing their health. “The Internet has become a mainstream source of information about health and other issues,” said Xinyi Hu, who co-authored the study as part of her master’s thesis in communication. “Many people go online to get information when they anticipate a challenge in their life. It makes sense that they would do the same when dealing with a health issue,” she added.

The study also pointed out that proactive patients do not mistrust their doctors; they simply want to gain personal control over their health. “The study revealed that patients are not turning to the Internet out of any doubt; more likely, Internet users are curious information seekers who are just trying to learn as much as they can before their appointment,” said Richard L. Kravitz, a UC Davis Health System professor of internal medicine and study co-author. Of the 500 participants, 70% reported that they were planning to ask their doctor questions about the information they found on the internet.

Although there are many resources available through the use of fast search engines, they do not always yield reliable information backed up by trusted sources.

MTBC offers, at no cost, for its 5% billing clients, a Patient Health  Record (PHR), which provides patient education through A.D.A.M. ™ encyclopedia, a trusted source for health information and learning. Patients with access to MTBC’s PHR will gain personal control over their health, not only because of their access to a trusted informational resource, but also because patients’ are granted premium access and control over their healthcare at anytime and from anywhere.  MTBC’s PHR provides patients with:
• Provides patients with direct access to necessary forms and paperwork.
• Provides comprehensive and detailed patient health information.
• Patients receive preventive healthcare by receiving automatic and timely health alerts.
• Online scheduling tool allows patients to quickly and easily schedule their own appointments.
• Provides patients with convenient iphone/android application as well as computer access to their PHR.

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