RAC audits – The Benefit of a Single Source

RAC Audits

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) aggressive stance for Meaningful Use leads to the common conclusion that Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are the future of maintaining healthcare data. EMR technology has greatly simplified medical billing submission and created robust tracking capabilities that weren’t available in the past. With this easier access to data reporting, CMS expects RAC audits to be a streamlined process as well as a cost effective solution to guard the Medicare Trust Fund. In fact, providers maintaining separate paper records, electronic systems and outside billers will be exposed to unique problems within their practice and reporting to RAC audits will be much more painful. For instance, a complex RAC audit requires production of each patients’ medical records and claims submitted within a 45 day window.  A provider associated with separate EHR and Billing entities will be required to rotate between contacting each vendor to comply with such a request.

MTBC, a unique healthcare IT company, maintains a complete EMR solution with both practice, and billing management services to centralize your patients’ healthcare information, manage your billing, and generate comprehensive reporting to the CMS. In addition, MTBC employs multiple technical support teams to handle providers’ requests for the conversion and transfer of patients’ healthcare data.