Real Time Claims Adjudication

Healthcare providers using MTBC’s services can further accelerate their collections through real-time claims adjudication (RTA).  MTBC already offers RTA with many of the major insurance payers, including United Healthcare, Humana, BCBS-FL, BCBS-PA, and BCBS-WV, and is in the process of testing its RTA with a number of other national regional payers.

RTA allows providers and their staff members to instantly calculate the patient’s responsibility and receive submission errors or rejections in real time, while the patient encounter is taking place.  This service dramatically decreases the timeline for processing and reimbursement of claims, as RTA claims are submitted instantly and given priority by the insurer.

The significant benefits provided by RTA include:

  • Ability to calculate the patient’s responsibility at the time of service;
  • Ability to learn about errors in the claims in real-time as opposed to receiving rejection responses days later;
  • Shortened timeline from claims submission to payment due to the fact that RTA claims are processed instantly and given priority in adjudication by the insurance payer.