Real-Time Medicare Eligibility

It is very pleased to announce that MTBC now provides enhanced, real-time Medicare eligibility. This new functionality allows the providers to view detailed deductibles, procedure code and payment information on a real-time basis for the patient of your choice. The provider will continue to receive the color-coded eligibility information through the MTBC scheduler (green for eligible, red for ineligible, etc.) and will also be provided with real-time eligibility information through the E-icon. Check a detailed screen shot below.

New Functionality:

  • Real-time Medicare eligibility through a direct connection to Medicare servers

New Information Available:

  • Hospital (Medicare Part A) deductibles, limitations, and co-payment
  • Skilling Nursing Care (Medicare Part A) limitations and co-payment
  • Medicare Part B coverage plans, benefit descriptions—including approved procedure code screenings, and limitations
  • Professional services (Medicare Part B) deductibles
  • Smoking Cessation (Medicare Part B) coverage plans and limitations
  • Occupational Therapy (Medicare Part B) coverage plans and limitations
  • Blood Charges coverage plans and limitations