Recent Study Encourages Healthcare Providers To Pick Advanced EHR Solutions

A recent study conducted in few states of U.S shows that many a number of healthcare providers and physicians are not impressed with the current EHR solutions (Electronic Health Records) they are using. The study found three major drawbacks with the EHR systems being used. They lacked convincing features, technical support and were rather cumbersome for use.

The group of experts who conducted the study came out with a few points that healthcare providers should focus at while looking for an Electronic Health Recording solution. A brief account of them is given below.

  • The EHR should be flexible for team-based care

The team observed that many of the web based EHR software being used at present require experts to add data to. But, modern EHR can be operated by any physicians with basic understanding of the same. Moreover, they are designed to work in line with team-based care, enabling each member in the team to improve his/her productivity by the use of the tool.

  • The EHR should help physicians add to quality of the patient care

Although the primary purpose of an EHR solution is to help the physician do his tasks more easily, it should help him add to the quality of the patient care he provides. With the integration of an effective and advanced EHR system, the physician will be able to spend more time with his patients in face-to-face interaction, and this is very important.

  • Good EHR is customizable

The study found out that only a few EHR solutions offered options for customization. The rest came with default features and consequently, the healthcare providers are forced to use them with the given configuration and settings. A customization EHR solution on the other hand, enables the physicians to configure it as per his exact needs and thereby make the best use of it.

  • EHR should help physicians ease out mental work load

While most providers of EHR systems boast that their solutions reduce the mental workload of physicians to a significant extent, only few live up to the claims. Therefore, while looking for an EHR system, healthcare providers should test it and see to what extent they reduce their mental workload.

The study emphasizes on the significance of EHR systems in healthcare sector and encourages all healthcare providers in the country to invest in advanced EHR solutions. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of picking up a modern EHR system integrated with sophisticated features and extensive support options.