Reduce Your No-Shows With Our Automated Appointment Reminder Calls

Experiencing patient no-show problems? An automated appointment reminder service is the perfect solution for your practice enhancement. When patients fail to show up for an appointment, it costs your practice a lot of money; for every missed appointment you lose a small part of your income, and in the end that adds up.

Many practices hire staff (medical receptionists) for the sole purpose of reminding the patients about their appointments. Appointment reminders in these cases are sent manually by the medical receptionist, which is a labor-intensive and time-consuming task that can keep a medical receptionist busy all day.

This problem, however, can easily be solved by using an automated appointment reminder service, which is one of the most successful strategies for reducing no-shows. The service is available 24/7, and there is no time limit to when patients can be contacted to be reminded of their appointments. A large amount of appointment reminders can be sent consistently to patients with little effort and a fraction of the cost of manual methods through automated appointment reminder systems.

An automated appointment reminder service helps you achieve your goal of providing the best medical care services to your patients. Additional benefits from using such services include streamlining the operation of your business and making your staff more efficient in performing their jobs.

At MTBC we provide the appointment reminder service at no additional charge for all of our 5% billing clients. MTBC’s automated appointment reminder service can help reduce your number of no-shows while also freeing up your staff to focus their time and energy on other critical office tasks. MTBC’s appointment reminder service is entirely integrated with our web-based billing platform as well as MTBC EMR 4.0, and is flexible enough to meet the needs of almost any modern medical practice. Our automated appointment reminder service encompasses the following features:

  • Automated, professional communication with the patients.
  • Ability to schedule reminders for 1 day, 2 days or more in advance.
  • Assisting patients to confirm reschedule or cancel appointments right over the phone.
  • Automatic, real-time updates to patient status in your MTBC online scheduler.