Setting Up an ACO: Who to Hire and Why

Setting up an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) can be a daunting task, to say the least. In addition to making sure that an ACO has complied with CMS guidelines/rules, a crucial component to getting started is hiring the best physicians. A recent article published by the American Medical Association highlighted the importance of hiring physicians that have the right “attributes and characteristics” to be a successful member of an ACO.

According to a report released on Oct. 2 by the Medicus Firm, a physician recruiter based in Dallas and Atlanta, 78 percent of 105 hiring executives said they want doctors who “play well with others.” These recruiters are looking for physicians who are team-oriented, tech-savvy and motivated by incentives.

The firm broke down what recruiters are looking for in physicians:

  1. 78.0%: Team-oriented
  2. 68.3%: Motivated by quality incentives
  3. 65.9%: Technologically savvy
  4. 53.7%: Comfortable working with physician assistants and nurse practitioners
  5. 41.5%: Flexible with work schedules, night hours and weekend hours

Source: “Physician Recruiting and ACOs,” The Medicus Firm, Oct. 2