Study Conclude that Technology is Crucial in Providing Patient Centered Care

Implementing Healthcare Technology solutions is not only a necessity for practices but also for patients. According to a recent study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University Evidence-Based Practice Center, the application of healthcare IT actually contributes in extending the life span of patients.

The study was based on 327 published articles examining results of health IT tools used in implementing patient-centered care. The study concluded with a report released by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, on June 14, 2012, wherein they found that, “substantial evidence exists confirming that health IT applications with patient-centered care-related components have a positive effect on health care outcomes.” The study further bolsters the fact that investing time and money on healthcare technology is worthwhile. “Technology by itself doesn’t improve care, but patient-centered care does require health IT.” said MaryAnne Sterling, a Washington-based health IT consultant.