Survey Shows Healthcare Providers Are Not Ready to Achieve Meaningful Use

According to the 2011 Black Book Ranking’s user survey, an estimated 90% of healthcare providers that have purchased EMR technology are already astray in meeting their goals for achieving “meaningful use.”  The user survey ranked the top EMR vendors for 2011 on a basis of key performance indicators, one of which was “meaningful use.”

About 4,000 leaders in the healthcare industry completed the survey, raising a number of issues relating to EMR use.  Even though EMR technology has a rapidly growing adoption rate, according to the survey only about 10% of EMR users can anticipate actually achieving “meaningful use” requirements in order to receive government incentive bonuses.

When explaining this phenomenon, Kevin Parker, lead EHR researcher for Black Book Rankings said, “[N]ot all [EHR] vendors equally service and support their new clients.  The customers of only a handful of high performance EHR vendors expressed high confidence in meeting the new demonstration of meaningful use deadlines.  The perception of an effective technology partner is highly dependent on the quality of EHR vendor support through . . . implementation.”

The survey indicated the top 5 reasons that healthcare providers are falling off track to be:

1.        A lack of significant support from the EHR vendor;

2.       Prolonged implementation because of the cost of support from EHR vendors or consultants;

3.       A rushed choice in an EHR vendor that has led to less than desirable consequences;

4.       A lack of trained or available staff to properly implement an EHR software;

5.       Unpreparedness and not enough capital to remedy complicated system interfaces.