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Earning Additional Practice Revenue as a Civil Surgeon: Part III

Our last two blogs considered the nature of USCIS’ civil surgeon program and the process of applying to become a civil surgeon. Today, we will conclude our consideration of the civil surgeon program by discussing the responsibilities of a civil surgeon. USCIS has charged the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control

Earning Additional Practice Revenue as a Civil Surgeon: Part II

During our most recent blog, we considered the general nature of USCIS’ civil surgeon program. Today, we will discuss the process of applying to become a civil surgeon. A physician applies for inclusion in the civil surgeon program by sending a letter requesting inclusion to the relevant USCIS District Director. Click here to determine the

Seeking New Revenue Streams: Some Physicians Begin to Offer Immigration Examinations

As governmental and commercial insurance reimbursements continue to decline, physicians are increasingly seeking out new revenue streams. One such source of new revenue for some practices is the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (“USCIS”) civil surgeon program. In response to a recent question from an internal medicine practice, I would like to take some time

New Jersey Lawmakers Cap Self – Pay Charges

Uninsured New Jersey patients will soon be seeing lower hospital charges. Earlier this week, New Jersey’s governor signed into law Assembly Bill 2609, which caps the fees that hospitals can charge uninsured patients. According to the New Jersey Commission on Rationalizing Health Care Resources, the constraints contained in this new law will cause a decrease

Florida Moves Closer to Requiring Healthcare Providers and Facilities to Provide Cost Estimates to Uninsured Patients

The Florida House of Representatives’ Healthcare Council recently voted unanimously to recommend the approval of landmark legislation that would require healthcare providers to provide each uninsured patient with a good faith estimate of charges for non-emergency treatment. The “Health Care Consumer’s Right to Information Act”, if adopted, would impose a monetary fine upon any healthcare

Hospitals Consider Discounts for Needy Patients as Costs Soar

Major medical technology advances over the last two decades have significantly improved the quality of care received by hospital patients. However, the use of technology has also resulted in increased costs and many of the underinsured or uninsured ‘working/retired poor’ have been priced out of the market. In a recent RAND Health report, Dana Goldman,