Technology is Key to Achieving ACO Success

A study by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) found, “Technical assistance to providers has been identified as one of the key requirements to their success in accountable care arrangements.” See AHIP.

MTBC’s suite of services is an ideal solution for providers interested in joining forces to create an Accountable Care Organization.  MTBC offers end-to-end revenue cycle management, technology driven practice management solution and a certified EMR to its providers.  Our technology allows doctors to automate tasks such as medical billing, claims performance, customized ACO reporting while cutting down significantly on administrative costs.

For providers creating, joining or curious about ACOs, a threshold issue to consider is technology. They will have to manage and report the following:

  • Assisting with population health management by providing detailed and up-to-date claims data as well as analytical reports that highlight progress and identify gaps in care;
  • Connect providers with health plans’ disease and case management services by embedding nurse case managers in provider practices, providing clinical decision-support tools, such as condition-specific care guidelines, and hosting monthly clinical sessions to facilitate greater collaboration;
  • Provide access to health information exchange systems that allow for two-way flow of information for better case management and clinical decision support; and
  • Helping to manage financial risk through predictive modeling and the provision of stop-loss coverage or reinsurance.

MTBC’s integrated IT platform provides many functions including quality reporting and business intelligence tools as well as 24/7 technical support. MTBC’s end-to-end revenue cycle management delivers insurance eligibility verification, with real-time deductible details, real-time claims adjudication with participating payers and much more. Our CareConnector TM provides preventive care and disease management support.

Our products and services can help providers attain CMS’s stringent ACO status. To learn more watch our latest webinar on ACO’s.