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What Telehealth CPT Codes will CMS be Keeping?

Due to the pandemic, CMS has been forced to adopt modern healthcare policies regarding telehealth. A total of 154 new telehealth CPT codes have been added to address patient needs while they shelter in place. Despite the overwhelming success, the CMS telehealth policy changes are set to revert by the end of the pandemic. However,

Patient Concerns with Telehealth and How to Solve them

Understanding customers is a necessity for any business. The same is true in healthcare. As the telehealth market rapidly expands, doctors need to learn what their patients’ concerns are and how to solve them. In this article, we will examine a few general areas where patients are concerned with telehealth.  We will then address the

The Role of Telehealth in a COVID-19 World

There’s no denying it – telehealth is having a moment. As providers continue to encourage patient safety through social distancing measures related to COVID-19, patient care conducted through telehealth has proven itself to be a crucial asset for providers and patients during this pandemic. But what about life after COVID-19? Will telehealth still be as

How to Navigate Telehealth with Elderly Patients

People are living longer than ever before, and older adults often have diverse medical needs. Many are managing chronic conditions as well as dealing with new-onset issues and complications. The elderly rely heavily on healthcare services, from annual checkups to specialized care, and yet no one is talking about the disruptive nature of digital technology