The Benefits of Using A Web EHR

Web EHR is the latest EHR innovation. With web-based EHR, users can access EHR via any browser on any Internet-activated system. Keeping up with today’s fast growing healthcare technologies, a web-based EHR system allows patients to self-schedule appointments. A web-based EHR system makes it easy to add new users, doctors or locations. Web EHR allows small practices to think big and grow without breaking the bank.

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The ability to access the system irrespective of geographical boundaries allows doctors and patients to interact more effectively in a secure environment and helps physicians provide better care. Gone are the days when healthcare providers were tied to their offices and paper charts. Now you can access your charts from any computer, tablet or smart phone that is connected to the internet.  Access, review and edit charts at home, or by the patient’s side.

Unlike desktop EHR, web-based EHR doesn’t require you to purchase and maintain costly hardware. Numerous features of Web EHR help you save time and money and better serve your patients.

Some of the benefits that a web EHR brings are:

  • Web EHR is a browser-based Electronic Health Record
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Low cost, which is great for smaller practices
  • No in-house hardware or software
  • No maintenance worries
  • Ideal for mobile physicians that often work on tablet, i.e. iPad
  • Remote hosting for stress free setup related to the data storage
  • No fear of losing data because the data is stored on a different location and the backup can be taken any moment
  • Guaranteed data safety in case of system failure

Hundreds of practices still have not implemented an EHR system. One common reason to avoid EHR implementation is the confusion about EHR setup.  Web EHR eliminates the confusion and simplifies the process of EHR implementation.