Top 14 Podcasts for Doctors

Since the onsight of COVID-19, you’ve had to deal with the sudden eradication of your social life. Good news, there are ways you can fill your free time while also feeling productive.

Podcasts are a great way to keep up today with the latest news, ideas, and trade secrets. They’re not only a great way to get new ideas but also a great outlet to spend free time without dedicated excess time and energy – practicing medicine can be draining so we’re not about to suggest a time consuming hobby.

There are dozens of useful medical podcasts for healthcare professionals like yourself. Check out these top podcasts that we think are worth your hard earned free time.

podcats for doctors


Top medical podcasts

2-10% Happier with Dan Harris

Feeling down? Struggling with burnout? Dan Harris may be able to help. In his episodes, Dan discusses ideas for happiness through thought-provoking discussions with inspiring industry leaders. Some episodes also include meditative techniques to help you set daily intentions and become more mindful of your thoughts.

The #HCBiz Show

If you’re the type of doctor who loves tech, always priding yourself in your awareness of innovative ideas within the space, this podcast is for you. The #HCBiz Show presents new technology in a practical, friendly way. Hosts Shahid Shah and Don Lee chat about hot topics, cover the challenges that may stand in the way of change and innovation, and provide thoughtful solutions through expert-led discussions with guest speakers.

Patient Convert Podcast

A new podcast with a veteran host. Kelley Knott is a pioneer in healthcare marketing so if you’re looking for tips and tricks to boost revenue, this podcast will guide you through. Covering numerous marketing channels, from social media marketing to content marketing, SEO and leading generation, this podcast will help you take your business to the next level.

Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

This podcast is similar to the above “Patient Convert Podcast” with the exception that Becker’s Healthcare Podcast is all about the business perspective, peppering in breaking news within the healthcare sector. Each episode is short and concise (15 minutes each), so if you’re looking for a quick escape in between patients or just need a way to decompress on your way home from the office, these bite size interviews with industry leaders, could be the perfect outlet for you.

The Future of Healthcare

You are the future of healthcare and this podcast was made for future physicians. Nathan Dollinger, along with industry leaders, hosts this inspiring podcast created to educate the next generation of medical professionals. If you’re a medical student, in the middle of your residency, or just trying to pass your exams, this podcast is for you.

TEDtalks Health

If you are looking for a daily dose of inspiration from other medical professionals,  TEDtalks Health is the right channel for you. Even if you choose not to subscribe to this channel, this episode about how doctors can help low-income patients (and still turn a profit) is a must listen, especially if you are active in your community.

This Podcast Will Kill You

This podcast is timely, relevant and takes a deep dive into a virus or disease’s history, biology and, as the title suggests, whether or not you should be afraid of the disease in question. They cover everything from the black plague to COVID to tick-born disease and the anti-vaccine phenomenon. Erin Allmann Updyke and Erin Welsh, both disease ecologists and epidemiologists, are your hosts.

HIT Like a Girl

This podcast is for all you amazing lady doctors! Listen to these incredible women who are leaving their mark on the healthcare system. Hosted by Robin Roberts and Joy Rios, this channel is a space where you can hone in on new healthcare technologies, patient experience, and healthcare policies.

Femtech Insider

This podcast is all about the movers and shakers who are breaking through glass ceilings and pushing for advancement in women’s healthcare. Each episode is a detailed conversation with leaders working to bring about change in women’s health and technology.

Digital Health Today

Don’t miss out on new and upcoming health technology innovations. This podcast features pioneers as hosts, who have reshaped the healthcare space. Guests from around the world are invited to provide diverse insights, perspectives and knowledge regarding medical technology. Check out this interesting episode – Can Virtual Reality be Considered a Medical Device?

Faces of Digital Health

Want to explore how medical systems adopt new technology? Faces of Digital Health is the podcast for you. Because this is what it exactly does. What makes it different than others? Its ability to provide advice to digital health entrepreneurs from different countries and of different cultural backgrounds. It also highlights barriers to success based upon different countries and cultures respectively.

Bright Spots in Healthcare

Are you in practice management or administration? Then don’t miss out on the great content produced by this podcast. Each episode focuses on different healthcare innovators, who come and share their experience, strategies, tools, tactics and routines.

Healthcare Happy Hour

This is one of the most useful podcasts for medical professionals. Healthcare Happy Hour covers relevant topics pertaining to industry trends, legislation, telemedicine and more. It is produced under the supervision of National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) and a new episode is dropped every Friday which is far more often than most of its competitor podcasts.

Docs Outside the Box

Dr. Nill Darkoof hosts this entertaining, informative podcast that covers untouched healthcare topics such as price transparency, advocacy and “mommy guilt”. Healthcare pioneers are invited to participate in this podcast where they share their insights regarding various topics.

See a podcast that looked interesting? You can subscribe now through spotify, apple podcasts, or wherever you listen. The next time you have some time to spare, be it on your way home from the office or hospital, or during a quick lunch break, have a listen. We promise you won’t regret it.