Top Smartphone Apps for HIT Users

The healthcare IT industry is developing and expanding by leaps and bounds. Every year we see new technological advancements that are capable of greatly improving healthcare.

Many universities now even offer HIT degrees that create professionals in analyzing medical data, medical billing and health information management.  Many new technological developments, including Smartphone apps, are designed to help these healthcare professionals in completing their work.  The following are the top Smartphone apps that enable these healthcare professionals to be more knowledgeable, prepared and organized.

  1. A very useful application for healthcare professionals to brush up on their knowledge of drugs is “Drugs Flashcards”. This app has more than 200 flashcards covering the most popular prescription drugs on the market. Users can edit and tag the drug they prefer and would like to come back to.
  2. Most healthcare professionals have to balance a very busy schedule which requires a powerful organizational tool.  “Awesome Note” is a perfect app for note-taking, calendar-viewing, to-do list making, map-checking and Google Docs-synching. This app can act as a personal assistant to both healthcare students and professionals.
  3. “ToodleDo” is an app for students that allows them to track their project priority, project start dates, project due dates and project statuses.  It also enables students to flag tasks, hide tasks and create sub-tasks. Students can use this organizational tool to help them stay on schedule for assignment deadlines and exam preparations.
  4. “Living Medical Textbooks” offers actual medical textbooks for students on topics ranging from heart disease and diabetes to multiple sclerosis. These textbooks are updated whenever a new discovery is made.
  5. “Skyscape Medical Resources” is an app that features current medical guidelines, drug guides, interactive algorithms, calculators, a collection of free medical information and decision support resources for healthcare professionals.

2011 has already been a year of great technological strides forward for the healthcare IT industry.  We’re certain numerous new technological advances will emerge by the end of the year that will continue to improve the healthcare that is delivered to patients.