Vital Considerations When Buying EMR Software

When looking for EMR Software to buy, EPs have a variety of options they can choose from. You will need to fully understand your requirements first, and assess how each of the systems in the market will fit in with them. Following are the main aspects of the web based EMR Software that you should pay attention to.

MTBC EMR Software on Tablet

Speed of Data Retrieval

If you get a system, which takes you ages to load information off it, you will have a hard time managing your less-than-pleased employees. It is easy to determine if this is the case; just guess if paper would be easier or faster. If the answer is ‘yes’ on either count, then it is better to find another EMR software. It does not matter if this is a web-based system or a locally stored one; you will need something that lets you draw out data quickly.


You should be able to understand how the software works at an intuitive level. It should not take too much effort or time for every time that you access it. If prior training is needed for this, make sure that the vendor provides it.

If the UI is hard to learn despite this, then pass on buying. Pay attention to the number of patient details it takes to make a new record, and how easy it is to fill a new record with previously recorded data. When the vendor runs a demo for you, put yourself in your employees’ shoes, and gauge how easy or hard this system would be for them to use.


A customized web based EMR software application with due support would cost you more than a generic option. However, do not dismiss its worth based solely on price; if it works really well in your case, then it is only a matter of time before you earn enough to offset the costs endured.

Work out your expenditures for, say, the nest three years. Scale this against what the vendor tells you you will save. There are many areas, where this will come in from, including the elimination of transcription work.


Even an HIPAA-compliant vendor can sell you something that does not support confidentiality. Patients’ data must be protected at all costs, so see that there are the following among the features you get:

• Encryption of stored data

• Secure access to patient information

• Automatic logging out after the account is idle for a specified time

These are the things to look for when you buying software for EMR implementation in your practice. Make sure you buy a good one, and benefit maximum from it.