Web EHR: What’s It About?

There’s been lots of talk about different types of EHR technologies – browser, cloud, desktop – what’s the difference? What’s good about each of them? Look for future posts on Cloud- and Desktop-based EHRs and the benefits and drawbacks for each platform. This post focuses exclusively on Web EHR and the specific benefits.

Web EHR Dashboard on Laptop

Web EHR Defined
Web EHR is a browser-based Electronic Health Record that allows users to securely access their Electronic Health Records through their favorite Internet browser. This allows the provider to access patient records anywhere or any time, as long as they have Internet access.. Users can simply log in from any PC with an internet connection and access their EHR. The web-based EHR is usually a cost effective and practical solution for physicians. The fundamental difference between a web based EHR and a desktop-based application delivered through the internet (a cloud- or server-based EHR) is that true web based systems are engineered from the ground up to run over the internet. This modern technology provides you with a faster, reliable and more efficient user experience and lowers your cost by allowing your system to run on your existing high speed internet connection. You don’t have to worry about installing software, managing updates or maintaining hardware.

Easy Access to Electronic Health Records
You can easily sign charts from home, manage updates from your smart phone or access patient lab results while traveling.
A web based EHR software incorporates a number of critical charting and other functions into one centralized location: From appointment scheduling and viewing laboratory results to e-Prescribing and billing, the web-based EHR should pull all functions into one place.
MTBC’s web EHR is coming soon