WebEHR – Provider’s Peace of Mind

WebEHR, the latest innovation in the healthcare industry, brings peace of mind for providers and practices in several ways. When a practice signs up for a WebEHR, it gets relief from a lot of burden. Signing up for a web EHR is not like an ordinary buying and selling transaction, but is more like a partnership where the practice shares half of its burden with the EHR vendor.

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Once signed up for the WebEHR, practices no longer need to worry about implementation, technology, and training, etc. All this is the responsibility of the vendor. The vendor gives the practices web-based access to EHR and manages the rest.

WebEHR is based on a subscription model in which practices subscribe to a web-based EHR for a certain fee. Some EHR vendors also offer it for free and charge only for maintenance. The subscription model is one of the most economical models in which practices get true value in exchange for a small fee.

One of the major benefits of WebEHR for practices is that it takes away liability from them. Data storage and confidentiality becomes the responsibility of the vendor. Providers can access and store the data at any point in time without worrying about data safety concerns. The cloud-based storage makes it doubly secure.

Software updating is another major headache that a WebEHR vendor takes away from practices. The vendor regularly and automatically updates the software without needing any effort from the provider.

In brief, WebEHR is a profitable investment for practices. Along with the above-mentioned advantages, it also contributes significantly to helping practices earn the meaningful use incentives. It features easy data sharing and is interoperable across various platforms and applications. These unique features of WebEHR enable it to give providers a fast track to earning meaningful use.