Welcome to MTBC’s Healthcare IT


MTBC, the Unique Healthcare IT Company®, has launched this healthcare IT blog as a way of providing regular updates to physicians and practice managers on the happenings of healthcare information technology. As a pioneer in the healthcare IT arena, MTBC has redefined the value and service of a medical billing company.

MTBC is well positioned to provide technology updates regarding the healthcare arena. Currently MTBC provides its clients numerous technology solutions to existing practice management problems.

Our technology solutions include:

  • Real-time insurance eligibility verification
  • Web-based access to all billing and practice management information
  • Real-time claims adjudication (RTA)
  • Integrated online scheduling
  • Free electronic medical records software
  • Access to billing and financial reporting through mobile devices including: Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile

MTBC’s Healthcare IT Blog will provide information on new technology solutions including:

  • Platforms for delivering healthcare information
  • Software solutions
  • Innovations/Services by vendors or payers
  • EMR updates
  • And much more!

Watch this space for forthcoming updates on all of the happenings in Healthcare IT. If you agree, disagree, or think we missed something important, leave a comment and start a discussion. If you are a fan, subscribe to our RSS feed to get regular updates as they happen.