What Does CCHIT Certification Mean to You?

You maybe asking yourself why MTBC, a medical billing company, pursued and received CCHIT certification. What does medical billing have to do with electronic medical records? The answer for us is simple: improving our clients’ work flow improves their collections. The only way we could find to help improve our clients’ work flow was to provide them a great EMR software, free of charge. Click here to see how MTBC’s EMR can improve your work flow, and improve your collections.

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Why CCHIT? Why Now?

Providing a free EMR is one thing, providing a certified EMR which is also free is entirely different. CCHIT, the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology, is the recognized certification body in the United States for EMR applications. As per our knowledge, we are the only company providing a completely free CCHIT certified EMR. The software is free and we service it for free as part of our 5% premium medical billing service.

With the new ARRA incentives as a carrot ($44,000 to use an EMR? Thanks Dr. B!), many EMR vendors are promising that a costly EMR investment will pay  for itself. This has yet to be seen and the government is still working out the details. MTBC clients no longer have to worry about such costly investments for the chance at the incentives starting in 2011. CCHIT certification is almost certainly one of the prerequisites to receiving these incentives, “meaningful use,” is another. Its not enough to simply spend a boat load of money on an EMR, you must begin using it as well.

With MTBC, physicians have a dedicated partner that is committed to providing the best EMR software that meets current and future requirements for certification and meaningful use while exceeding client expectations.

Watch this space for upcoming videos, downloads, and MTBC EMR client testimonials.