Who cares? The FTC hopes you do!

The Federal Trade Commission has launched a site to provide older patients–and those who care for them–a reliable source of health information for such topics as healthcare agencies, medications, alternative therapies, and Medicare fraud.

Physicians and healthcare providers are encouraged to direct patients to the FTC site in order to access accurate and updated information.

Federal Trade Commission

The site–ftc.gov/whocares–went live on November 19th and serves as a central repository of consumer-oriented healthcare information. The site points users to two major resources: Medlineplus, “a goldmine of good health information from the world’s largest library”, and HealthFinder, the Department of Health and Human Service’s site for general health information.

Who Cares helps patients and those who care form them answer such questions such as:

  1. I’m getting calls about switching to a new Medicare prescription drug plan. The caller says the plan will save me money. He said I could enroll on the phone. How do I know what I’m getting? Answer
  2. I saw an ad that said, “CURE YOUR ARTHRITIS WITHOUT DRUGS USING THIS ALL-NATURAL, GOVERNMENT-APPROVED REMEDY.” A natural remedy appeals to me, but poison ivy is natural, too. Seems like some products promise more than they can deliver. How can I tell if this one really works? Answer
  3. I’m thinking of ordering a DNA test that I can take at home. I just need to swab the inside of my cheek and send in the sample. Is this a gimmick, or do these tests really work? Answer