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For over 26 years, Formedic has led the industry in providing 150,000+ physicians and other healthcare providers with specialty-specific, paper-based clinical templates and patient forms. With no or very limited workflow changes, you can enjoy the very best that Formedic’s forms and MTBC’s WebEHR have to offer, while progressing towards meaningful use.

As a result of the MTBC-Formedic partnership, you can now leverage these forms – either in printed paper form or electronic form – as part of two fully-integrated solutions.

Accountable Care Organization
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Accountable Care Organization

Formedic Indexing

Having a hard time locating your paper Formedic Forms? Formedic Indexing will give you access to your commonly used paper forms with an added barcode so that you may quickly index your paperwork within MTBC’s WebEHR. Simply print out your Formedic forms online and scan them into our system to store documents automatically.

Formedic Scribe

Would you prefer to use Formedic’s paper templates with our WebEHR? Excellent, if you simply scan your forms at the end of each day, MTBC will create patient accounts in the WebEHR for you and read and type your handwritten notes into the patients’ electronic chart for as little as 1.50 dollars per chart!

Accountable Care Organization

For as Low as $ 1.50 per Chart

With ChartScribe, we’ll convert your handwritten notes into searchable text and insert the text into the appropriate fields in the WebEHR. Simply drop your paper notes into a scanner at the end of each day and when you return the next morning, you’ll be able to review and approve your digital charts within the WebEHR.


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