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Deliver patient care anywhere, anytime with our fully integrated mHealth apps for smartphone and tablet devices.

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mHealth Medical Apps for iPhone & Android for Evolving Healthcare IT industry

We realize you lead a busy life. Today's healthcare providers are on the go, and need access to critical clinical decision support wherever they work. Our native mobile apps for a wide variety of smartphones and tablet devices are fully integrated with our suite of products and services, helping you access critical information anywhere, anytime.

mHealth Apps


Mobile Patient Health Records App for Apple® and Android® Smart Devices.

Included Features:
  • Schedule appointments
  • View and update demographic information
  • View lab results and tests
  • Review insurance claims and e-statements
  • Make secure credit card payments
  • Have interactive video patient encounters
  • Get reimbursed for such telemedicine appointments

MTBC iCheckIn

iPad® and Android® Tablet App for Patient Check-In

Included Features:
  • Manage patient demographic information
  • Track individual claim details
  • Review due balances
  • Make secure credit card payments


Mobile e-Prescribing App for Apple®
and Android® Smart Devices

Included Features:
  • Submit e-prescriptions
  • Approve or deny refill request
  • Receive adverse interaction warning alerts
  • Access patient chart summaries

MTBC Dictate

Mobile Dictation App for Apple®
and Android® Smart Devices

Included Features:
  • Dictate patient notes directly to your transcription team
  • Attach patient documents with camera
  • Convert voice to text into chart notes
  • Review and sign completed notes


EHR App for Apple®, Amazon® and Android® devices

  • View appointments
  • Review complete patient history
  • Chart at the point of care
  • Send prescriptions directly to pharmacy
  • Create and submit claims
ICD 9-10 Converter

MTBC ICD 9-10 Converter

Mobile ICD-9 to ICD-10 Conversion App for
Apple®, Amazon® and Android® Smart Devices.

Included Features:
  • Detailed description of each ICD-10 code
  • Convert ICD-9 codes to ICD-10
  • Search by Code or Description

MTBC Anesthesia App

EHR App for Apple® devices that is designed to digitalize the paperwork of anesthesiologists

  • MACRA/MIPS Compliance
  • Surgery Schedule Reconciliation
  • Clearinghouse Integration
  • Document Imaging/ Workflow Integration
  • Anesthesia E.H.R
  • End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management
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