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As healthcare compliance and regulation around Protected Health Information (PHI) becomes tougher, MTBC provides unique Release of Information (ROI) solutions. Enjoy, MTBC-Med’s Archivus, an ROI Hub that provides you with the most cost-effective services backed by our extensive healthcare IT experience and reputation.

We focus on simplified workflows and automation ensuring secure, accurate and timely availability of information. Relieve the burden on your staff with the support of our highly skilled team and easy to use software.

Secure | Quick Turnaround Time | Compatibility with EHRs | Status Updates | Compliance

What Makes Us Stand Out

No-cost solution for providing
ROI services of attorney, insurance,
liability and disability requests

All requests processed at State
Statutes for ROI

Monthly Revenue Share

Centralized Customer Services

Fully HIPAA & HITECH Compliant

Lowered labor costs for Medical
Records staff

All requests handled remotely into
your EMR via VPN