Our web-based practice management software PracticePro will manage the financial health of your practice so you can better manage the health of your patients!

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PracticePro™ HealthCare CRM - Medical Practice Management Software

MTBC provides more than just medical billing services. We help doctors automate their manually handled tasks. PracticePro™ simplifies every step of the practice management and medical billing process, right from the initial scheduling of an appointment to the provision of quality service and remittance tasks following every patient’s visit. These technologically advanced medical billing solutions automate your office’s labor-intensive jobs, allowing you to focus more on patient care rather than administrative chores.

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Automated Appointment Reminder Calls

Is your office staff spending a significant amount of time calling patients to remind them of upcoming appointments? Let us do it for you!

Save up to $9,000 per month and cut down on no-shows tremendously!

  • ARU has the ability to schedule automatic reminders calls to all patients on a time and day of your preference
  • Without wasting any valuable time, you and your staff can now concentrate on other tasks of higher priority, whilst also increasing productivity and accommodating more patients at a given time
  • Auto updating patient’s status, in real-time on your MTBC's online scheduler
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Balance Reminder Calls

Making calls for unpaid invoices is an unpleasant task, consuming staff time and energy. However, timely payments are important to your cash flow, accounts receivable, as well as financial operations. A simple, friendly reminder can make your patients aware that their payment is due, saving your staff considerable time and making collections easy.

MTBC’s BRC enables your practice to send patients automatic billing reminders for overdue payments. These calls are scheduled to patients periodically; the first reminder is generated on the day the bill is incurred, then subsequent follow-up calls are made after 30, 50 and 70 days respectively. Upon contact, a pre-recorded message provides payment instructions and information of amount pending.


  • Staff can be reallocated to other valuable tasks, thus distributing their time better and improving efficiency
  • Multiple reminders and early communication reduces the risk of extended periods of non-payment
  • Improved revenue cycle management
  • Increased and speedy collections
  • Time-effective and cost-effective
  • Improved financial operations
  • Stress-free reminders
Real Time Claim Screen

Real-time Claims Adjudication

Accelerate your collections through Real-time Claims Adjudication (RTA).

  • The RTA module informs MTBC of any errors in real-time as opposed to days or weeks later via a rejection response, decrease the risk of non-payments/delinquencies
  • Drastically reduce the time span for processing and reimbursement as RTA claims are submitted earlier and given priority by the insurer
  • It is partnered with a number of national and regional payers including United Healthcare, Humana, BCBS, BCBS-FL, BCBS-PA, and BCBS-WV
  • MTBC mHealth Apps for Practice Management


    MTBC Dictate

    Mobile Dictation App for Apple®
    and Android® Smart Devices

    Included Features:
    • Dictate patient notes directly to your transcription team
    • Attach patient documents with camera
    • Convert voice to text into chart notes
    • Review and sign completed notes
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    MTBC mHealth Apps for Practice Management

    MTBC iRx

    Mobile e-Prescribing App for Apple®
    and Android® Smart Devices

    Included Features:
    • Submit e-prescriptions
    • Approve or deny refill request
    • Receive adverse interaction warning alerts
    • Access patient chart summaries
  • MTBC mHealth Apps for Practice Management


    Mobile Patient Health Records App for Apple®
    and Android® Smart Devices.

    Included Features:
    • Schedule appointments
    • View and update demographic information
    • View lab results and tests
    • Review insurance claims and e-statements
    • Make secure credit card payments
    • Have interactive video patient encounters
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Want to improve your practice’s financial bottom line and operational efficiency?

MTBC’s Business Intelligence Module covers the entire spectrum of financial and reporting measures, from line item level information to strategic management level dashboards and summaries.

  • Easily generate reports and graphs to monitor the key performance indicators of your practice such as revenue streams, accounts receivable, operational costs, billing & reimbursement cycle etc.
  • Reporting and Analytics module analyzes data and integrates information from all aspects providing a holistic view that assists you in making informed decisions
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface with graphical dashboards and various incorporated widgets
  • Analysis that helps you identify and isolate underperforming areas thus increasing productivity, maximizing revenue and ensuring quality care to patients

Dr. Mokrzycki talks about how MTBC's practice management solutions have revolutionized his workflow and...

Other Features of Practice Management System


Create, host and maintain an optimized professional website increasing your visibility and reach potential new patients.


Transcribe digital audio into complete patient charts with dictated insurance codes directly to the practice’s EHR portal.

Real-time Insurance Eligibility Verification

Run instant online checks for insurance eligibility across key insurance payers, eliminating the need for paper transactions.

E-Prescribing Solution

Surescripts® certified error-free prescriptions, improves your practices efficiency and quality of care provided, completely free of charge!

Lab Connectivity

Linked directly to LabCorp, Quest and 50 other labs providing easy access to reports while eliminating paperwork and reducing staff time.

Patient Charts

Automatic creation of charts on patient’s every visit, recording complete information from diagnosis & vitals to physical exams, medications & procedures applied.